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Rusty Cooley:  "Hey guys I got the strap and I love it! It really compliments the guitar. I will definitely be getting more from you in the future."

Brad Gillis:  "These straps are top quality snake and leather backing and add to the look of my old red strat and other vintage guitars that I play."

Eric Bloom/BOC:  "I love the strap; I wear it nightly."

Buck Dharma/BOC:  "Absolute top quality materials and workmanship. I love my python strap!"

Bryan Bassett/Foghat: "If you are looking for the finest snakeskin straps in the country, your search has ended!  Andy and Jen have beautiful snakeskins, provide a choice of high quality leather backing and their expert craftsmanship and great customer service make it a pleasure to do business. I have their straps on both of my main stage guitars."

Joey Gaydos, Jr./School of Rock:  These straps are KILLER! They're the best."

Rick Derringer:  "It's hard to choose. They're all so beautiful!"

Charlie Huhn/Foghat:  "These are the finest quality, best looking, and most comfortable straps I've ever used on tour EVER!"

Chris/MI:  "Andy & Jen, I got my strap today and it is just AWESOME!!! I can't thank you enough for the fast, honest service.  I ordered a longer than stock strap and it's perfect!  You have provided the fastest, best online service I've ever experienced!  You will be highly recommended to my friends."

Gregory/WV:  "The Dark Green Python Lonestar Strap arrived today and it couldn't  be more perfect!  Thank you for making the color match the finish and look of my guitar. I couldn't be happier!  I will recommend you to everyone!

Gary/CA:  "The straps are even cooler than I imagined!  The padding makes the straps just right and a beefier feel to them.  The 2 3/4" makes them the perfect width.  Again, each strap is so cool and beautiful!  I definitely will need even more of these! 

Matt/PA:  "The strap arrived Saturday. What can I say? It is truly a work of art!!!  I will tell everyone where I got it, and I will be back for more myself. Thank you for the fast service."

Mike/IL:  "Man, I gotta buy more guitars so I can put more of your straps on them.  The new embroidered cobra strap is awesome. As you know, I am really impressed with your straps (this makes #5 for me) and my guitars love being adorned with them as well.  Thanks for your artistry and filling a void that desperately needed filling.  There is absolutely no substitute for quality!

Jared/TN:  "I received a diamondback snakeskin strap from my girlfriend for my birthday in August. I just wanted to tell you that I love it. The skin you used is gorgeous and the leather is perfect. I collect guitar straps and yours is my favorite. I'm eying up your cobras now. Keep up the good work!"

James Q: "I've really enjoy using your snake skin strap that I purchased awhile back and it's held up really well during rehearsals and our live shows. I love your work and craftsmanship. I really think you guys are the only company out there that is making quality snake skin straps with the players in mind, comfort and durability."

David E: "Man, that was fast!  Just got my Python strap yesterday and I love it!  I can't say enough... The craftsmanship is top-notch and it looks fabulous!"

Steve B: "Hi Jen, I just opened my package and looked at my custom strap you made for me. What can I say? I have to rank this above ice cream and my first bicycle! This strap could not be any better if you had pulled it right out of my imagination. I am totally thrilled. I have attached a picture of the strap with the Telecaster it will be used on. I'll send a couple better pics later. Thanks for all you time emailing back and forth with me over the design."

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