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​How Do I Place An Order?


Ordering is simple...complete checkout online or phone your order in to Jen (810)358-0292 

Have a quick question? Send us an email: or call/text Jen at the number above.


Payment and Shipping


We accept payments through PayPal or you can use your credit card.

Once your order is completed we ship via Priority Insured Mail or UPS, your choice.


What Does It Mean to "Punch Larger Holes for Strap Locks?"

Many players use either Schaller or Dunlop strap lock systems. To make installation of the locks easier, we can punch larger holes for you.  We also eliminate the typical relief slit that comes on our standard holes straps.  Using strap locks does protect the snakeskin from wear and tear at the button hole.

Please note that this is considered a custom option and therefore we cannot accept returns on straps punched for locks. 


If you will be using strap locks, please type "yes" in the text box "punch larger holes for strap locks?"  If you do not use strap locks or if you are purchasing as a gift and do not know if larger holes are needed, please type "no" in the box.  The holes can always be modified later.  See our Strap Locks Page for a picture of standard hole vs. strap lock hole.

Can you do a custom length?

Yes!  Most of our straps are adjustable from about 46"-55".  If you need more or less length, just let us know. If you need more than 60", please contact us to see if there is an upcharge.

A note about measuring for nonadjustable models--please measure from hole to hole instead of end to end.  This gives us a more accurate measurement of where you play at.  Non-adjustable straps are not returnable, so please measure carefully.

​How Do I Care For My Snakeskin Strap?


All of our snakeskins are professionally tanned and are very durable. No maintenance is needed. Just enjoy!

In storing your strap, avoid folding it -such as when it is in a guitar case.  This will, over time, cause the snake and inside leather to crease and could possibly shorten strap life.  Rolling it up in the manner it was shipped is much more strap friendly!

Returns & Refunds


All of our straps are custom made when the order is placed. If you in error purchased the wrong model, we will likely exchange it for you.  There are no refunds or exchanges, however, on any custom length strap, embroidered strap, straps punched for strap locks, or if we special ordered a skin for you.


When Will I Receive My Order?


We strive to get your order to you in a timely manner. Once you place your order, it will be placed on our schedule. We usually are able to complete an order and get it shipped within two weeks.  We ship via Priority Mail and UPS Ground or 2nd Day Air. Selecting UPS 2nd Day Air doesn't mean you will receive your order in 2 days. We still have to make your item. We will however, place your order at the top of our schedule, so you will receive it in a more timely manner.

International orders- delivery times vary by country. Please remember we do NOT ship snake straps outside of the U.S. For all other models, we offer First Class Mail or International Priority Mail.  First Class Mail, while more affordable, offers no tracking ability. We highly recommend choosing International Priority Mail for a more reliable service.

Do you sponsor musicians?

We have many great musicians who use our straps and we appreciate that very much. It's always a joy to see our straps in use at a concert, in a magazine, or on an award show. The majority of these musicians have purchased their straps just like everyone else.  We don't have a factory in another country producing our straps.  Rather, we handcraft each and every strap in our Michigan home.  We actually need your support! ;)

Our business thrives on our numerous returning customers--individuals who have liked our straps enough to buy them.


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